Kerberos (B.R.O. remix)

Here is the remix of Kerberos by Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy, by us.
Because we want you to discover the artists and their tracks that inspired us so much, we decided to remix some of them.
Stephan Bodzin, pillar of techno made in Berlin, great wizard of the synthesizer with his grainy and powerful sounds, has accompanied us in our sets since our beginnings.
Kerberos this melodious and deep title is therefore the first title that we wanted to share with you. A little piece of brass, a little piece of string, a lot of synths of course and here is our vision of this track with an orchestral electro rock sauce.
This remix being an unofficial version it will only be available on our Youtube channel for the moment. So don’t hesitate to connect, leave a little comment and subscribe to stay informed of the next remixes to come

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