Eponymous first album


For their eponymous first album, Black Room Orchestra takes you to the edge of a dark and melancholy universe, judiciously mixing incisive and powerful pieces with heavy synthesizers. Some more haunting titles without complex integrate broad symphonic flights.

Like a journey through electro music, the album, through its musical diversity, transports its listener to a parallel world. As in a movie, the album is conceived as 10 different atmospheres, ten stories without words which reveal a singular atmosphere.

Between jazz and rock, through classical music, Black Room Orchestra takes us to different universes throughout the 10 titles, reminding us of the sounds of an era rocked by detective films and series, science fiction, or thrillers.

Between Woodkid and Stranger Things, the group is positioned in the same wave. A true sound painting, the French project aims to be engaging and ambitious, epic and melodious.

Black Room Orchestra

2020 | 10 tracks, 59 min

Available for listening and downloading on :


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