Kerberos (B.R.O. remix)

Kerberos (Black Room Orchestra remix)

Here is the remix of Kerberos by Stephan Bodzin and Marc Romboy, by us.
Because we want you to discover the artists and their tracks that inspired us so much, we decided to remix some of them.
Stephan Bodzin, pillar of techno made in Berlin, great wizard of the synthesizer with his grainy and powerful sounds, has accompanied us in our sets since our beginnings.
Kerberos this melodious and deep title is therefore the first title that we wanted to share with you. A little piece of brass, a little piece of string, a lot of synths of course and here is our vision of this track with an orchestral electro rock sauce.
This remix being an unofficial version it will only be available on our Youtube channel for the moment. So don’t hesitate to connect, leave a little comment and subscribe to stay informed of the next remixes to come

“BOKUSA” for the SUMMAX promotional spot

What could be more rewarding than seeing your music chosen for a video!!!

A first for us, thanks to Yannick, creator of the “SUMMAX” sports coaching application, who chose our title BOKUSA for the background of the launch promo video.

Black Room Orchestra - BokusāThe visual identity is not for nothing because it is thanks to its relationship to the world of sport that the studio in charge of the production focused its attention on the piece. Indeed, between the title, translation of boxer in Japanese and the cover highlighting an athlete of this discipline, the desire to listen was not long in coming. We were able to participate in post-production as well as in the final mixing and mastering, a different approach from what we used to do but terribly fascinating.

We let you discover the video below…

Highlands available for streaming and download

And here is the little novelty of this spring 2022, the release of a brand new EP called “HIGHLANDS”.

Specially composed for the credits of “FAILY GAMES”, it seemed obvious to us that we had to make an EP of it, because the inspirations came to us from all sides. That’s why in this EP you will find the generic title, the long version with intense tribal sounds and finally the acoustic version.

We put you the list of platforms with their link HERE

Good listening to all



“Bokusā” available for streaming and download

Black Room Orchestra - Bokusā

Come and discover the latest Black Room EP: “BOKUSA”. Inspired by the motivation and courage that competitors show in their daily lives, this piece was composed with strength and emotion. The very sharp beat traces the path towards the electro-symphonic flight which closes this track.

This new EP has three tracks, a short version, a long version and a synthwave version. Available for streaming on all platforms (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Youtube etc…), you can also find it for download on Bandcamp.

We put the list of platforms on the dedicated page here.

The merchandising with the effigy of “BOKUSĀ” is also available on our website here.




“Friday Vibrations” for FAILY V server birthday

On the occasion of the 4th anniversary of Faily V, the team, which has supported us since the beginning, asked us to compose the music that will dress the video illustrating this anniversary, in collaboration with Francois Berland for the voiceover. Their request was to create “epic” music with a certain touch of color magic, but with our usual touch. The exercise having greatly inspired us, it was important for us to put all our know-how into it to thank them for placing their trust in us. The challenge was intense because the deadline was quite short but it was a great experience that we will repeat with great pleasure.

But enough talk, we let you discover the video hoping that you like it.



Release of the double vinyl album

This is the culmination of 4 years of work and a dream come true!!! Black Room Orchestra’s first album published in its double vinyl version. What a pleasure to discover our music on this support so particular and authentic with incomparable grain.
For the record, it is thanks to the common love for the object and the desire to put our own compositions on it that we created Black Room Orchestra and this is only the beginning…

First virtual concert of Black Room Orchestra

New trends are arriving in the world of music and new media, especially on Twitch, a famous streaming platform specializing in gaming. And it is the meeting of these two universes that allowed us to make our first “virtual” concert on the game server of “Faily V”, known for the RP on GTA 5.
An invitation we couldn’t refuse for the launch of our first album. A real success in view of the number of people who responded present for the occasion, with no less than 7,000 unique spectators and 15,000 live views. We especially thank Camak and Quentin as well as the whole team who did a huge job to make this evening at the top.

Thank you all and good viewing. 




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