Black Room Orchestra is an electro music group formed by two composers from Toulouse. Coming from the techno scene for more than fifteen years, the group was born from a common desire to open up to a wider, more symphonic palette of sounds, with a more marked melodic imprint.

No lyrics for the Black Room, synthesizers and techno beats have been their trademark throughout their journey. Inspired by various musical universes at the crossroads of rock and soundtracks of the 70s and 90s, Black Room Orchestra has appropriated these varied atmospheres while integrating their “electronic” and “dark” vision, creating music that has the both the power for the live stage and the depth for listening.


Black Room Orchestra

Album 08-2020

Youtube total views : 2.1M
Total Streams : 387k

Friday Vibrations

Single 03-2021

Youtube total views : 85K
Total Streams : 87K


EP 12-2021

Youtube total views : 22K
Total Streams : 73K


EP 04-2022

Youtube total views : 38K
Total Streams : 87K

Space Runner

EP 08-2023

Youtube total views : 13K
Total Streams : 15K


  • Lebonmix
  • Boulimique de musique
  • Home cooking share
  • Radio Résonance
  • Radio Campus
  • Radio Beton
  • SLE Music Radio
  • MixaradiO
  • Radio HDR
  • YouFM
  • Groover Radio
  • Graf’Hit
  • Ouest track radio,
  • Fréquence 3
  • Ballistiq
  • RGB FM
  • Adopte un disque
  • C’Rock
  • Trentmix radio
  • Radio Campus Pau
  • Radio REC
  • Radio Coteaux
  • Rock Made in France
  • BRO-machine

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